On the welcome page I talk about the reason I started Brazen, but now I will tell you a little about me!

I am also the owner of Casey Torres Photography, and I have been doing what I love for a little over eight years now. My main focus used to be family and maternity photos (which I still love), but now it's boudoir. This is my absolute passion!

In a world where social media is constantly in our face, we start to compare ourselves to unrealistic standards of beauty that we see and start to forget how incredible unique and gorgeous our own bodies are. I love being able to snap women back to reality and show them why they are one of a kind! 

I am a mom of three amazing kids (five actually, but three that came out of my body) and it has taken me a long time to actually accept my "flaws" and appreciate what my body has done for me. There is only ONE of me, and there is only ONE of you, and I think that should be celebrated.


Moira Rose said it best when she said...

"Then allow me to offer you some advice: Take a thousand, naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, "Oh, I'm too spooky." Or, "Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies." But, believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say, "Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!" 

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