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"Boudoir isn't about how you look, or even the images. It's about how you FEEL."

#1 Consultation: 

Virtual consultation where I answer any questions you might have, figure out the perfect wardrobe, and plan the session of your dreams!

#2 Your Session:

This is where you get pampered with hair and makeup, play dress up, enjoy a glass of champagne, and then are guided through poses while listening to your favorite playlist! 

#3 Your Reveal:

This is where we review your images and you get to decide your favorites. Once we narrow them down you will have the opportunity to choose from digital images or a variety of beautiful products such as albums, keepsake boxes, etc!

Women tend to compare and compete especially on social media even if we don't mean to,so it's nice to realize once you get to talking that most women have a LOT in common and we just need to lift each other up! Boudoir is a very personal experience and lots of women feel emotional when they receive their beautiful photos. I have actually made some amazing friendships from shooting boudoir! There will be lots of laughs, and maybe some tears. (Happy ones!)